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Psyllium D husk Seed

Psyllium D husk Seed


Psyllium d husk seed consists of last layer of dried ripe seeds of plantago ovataforsk (fam. plantaginacae).

Psyllium dehusk seed that remains after the seed coat is milled off is rich in starch and fatty acids.

Psyllium Dehusking Process- by grinding system to pulverise psyllium with fully automatic feeder to produce mixture and dehusked materials. The process of de-husking the seed consists of crushing with emery mills through eight passes and separation of husk through a closed circuit fully automatic pneumatic aspiration system. The husk is then passed through Gravity separators for further purification before custom packaging.

Psyllium D husk Seed
Psyllium d husk Seed Application

Psyllium d husk Seed Application:


Psyllium d husk seed is broadly used for animal cattle feeds, mainly for milk giving animals. Due to large amount of valuable medicinal properties, it has provided better results as compared to other cattle feeds, more result oriented for the purpose of milk off-take. It is conducive to intesnal health of milk -yielding cattle.

Psyllium Husk Properties

Psyllium Dehusking


Latest grinding system with automatic feeding is used to produce Mixture of Psyllium Dehusked Powder.




Husk Cleaning: Husk is cleaned by blowing and blowers at the plant.

Mixing / Packing Room: Extra care require for Hygienic Mixing and packing.

Fumigation: Proper fumigation is done to treat Psyllium husk and seeds before dispatch of goods from factory.

Hygienic Condition: Extra care require on plant for hygienic condition. Weekly / Fortnightly cleaning, prescribed Inner / Outer Spraying, Fogging, Rodent Trap placing etc. are essential.

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